This design challenge is aimed at applicants that have applied for the following roles Business Analyst

This assessment consists of a series of real world business analysis and requirement gathering challenges that are designed to test your analysis skills.  We will be looking out for ability to understand and analyse requirements from real world problems and come up with innovative solutions .


Question 1

Cousant has a client who is looking to introduce a mobile app to its airline business. The airline currently has a website where customers can go to find flights, book flights and check in for flights.
There airline wants  customers to also perform the same functions on the mobile App as its on the website.
Before this project can be approved, the airline has asked for wireframes of the mobile app that will show the workflow from when a customer searches for flights till paying for a flight.

Design an Interactive and visual wireframes that can convey all the necessary data and workflow to the owner of the airline.  

(Submission Format: PDF or JPG)

Hint : You may use any tool of your choice to create the mockups.


Question 2

The Owner of the airline has given the go ahead for the project to commence. Before the agreement is signed, the owner would like to see a high level work plan for the project to build this mobile app.
As the business analyst, you are tasked with coming up with a high level project plan of the required activities, resources and timeline.

Draw up a work plan that will cover the major activities that need to be done.
(Submission Format: Microsoft Excel)